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emissions growth by 2050

Our Approach

The Getting to Zero Coalition is accelerating maritime shipping’s decarbonisation by:

  • Working towards commercially viable zero-emissions vessels along deep-sea trade routes by 2030  
  • Advocating for the necessary infrastructure for scalable, zero-carbon energy sources  
  • Creating a shared sector transition strategy that maps the actions necessary to get to net zero by 2050 

Sector Transition Tools

First published in October 2021, a shipping Transition Strategy from the MPP-supported Getting to Zero Coalition, a partnership between the World Economic Forum and the Global Maritime Forum, and prepared by the University Maritime Advisory Services (UMAS), has relaunched as Making Zero-Emissions Shipping possible: An industry-backed Transition Strategy (The re-release of A Strategy for the Transition to Zero-Emission Shipping. The report shows the opportunity created by shipping’s need for scalable zero-emission fuels and details how a robust future demand from shipping can de-risk business cases for land-side production of green hydrogen that can serve multiple industries. The Strategy provides new insights into the essential elements of such a transition: the political, technical, economic, and commercial requirements, and the actions needed from the sector to deliver on them.

Join Us

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