First Projects


We support visionary companies and other stakeholders to help First Projects reach final investment decision. We are building a portfolio spanning industrialised nations and the global South, starting with two US hubs in California and on the Texas Gulf Coast.

The Mission Possible Partnership is grateful for generous support from the Bezos Earth Fund. Thanks to this game-changing intervention, we are working with the Houston Energy Transition Initiative and the GO-Biz, an office of the Governor of California, to provide technical analysis and fast-track investment decisions for green industrial clusters in greater Houston and Los Angeles.


MPP Industrial Hubs

Industrial decarbonisation is possible, initially deploying available resources and technology in this decade. MPP brings independence, technical expertise and a coherent global vision for industrial decarbonisation to support key functions.

Our strategic advice and open-source data is recognised by a growing network of stakeholders in supply, demand, policy and finance. Learning from experience in First Projects, we aim to create and inspire a supportive market environment for the next wave of green industrial hubs.