Our Approach

Sparking Net-zero Transformation

The Mission Possible Partnership is sparking the net-zero transformation of seven industrial sectors, leveraging the convening, talent and expertise of world-leading organisations on climate action.

Our Mission

Our goal is to propel a committed community of CEOs from carbon-intensive industries, together with their financiers, customers and suppliers, to agree and act on decarbonising industry and transport in this decade.

Supported by an expanding network of nearly 300 partners across corporate, finance, and policy, MPP is empowering high-ambition sector initiatives in seven target sectors, which mobilise the full value chain to decarbonise these carbon-intensive industries.

Our Process

We use a replicable, four-step approach that can be tailored to individual sectors:

Convene a critical mass of ambitious industry leaders and agree on a shared vision for sector decarbonisation

Leverage existing analysis to develop   viable, high-ambition, open-source sector transition strategies to net-zero emissions by 2050

Secure commitments from industry leaders that tie concrete actions to the net-zero roadmap milestones

Build the market infrastructure needed to track and support ongoing decarbonisation progress

Targets and Timeline

  • Within three years: In all seven sectors, critical stakeholders have agreed on quantitative net-zero roadmaps and are making tangible commitments to action in the 2020s.
  • Within five years: In 10 sectors covering 60% of global emissions, climate action agreements have been adopted, and investments in low/zero-carbon solutions have accelerated
  • By 2030: Sectors have brought zero-carbon solutions to market, started to deploy them at scale and begun retiring high-carbon assets. Emissions from the most carbon-intensive sectors are down and on a path to fall rapidly in the 2030s.

Capability Hubs

We bring together corporates along with their financiers, customers, and suppliers to create systems change within industry.

Sector Transition




Net Zero Industry Initiatives

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