MPP is uniquely positioned at the interface of critical industry initiatives and other key actors in seven hard-to-abate sectors. Our strategic partners include leading industry associations and climate organisations with complementary cross-sector expertise.

Aluminium for Climate

We are working to put the aluminium industry on a path to net zero emissions by midcentury by collaborating with critical stakeholders across the value chain—and the globe. We are creating realistic pathways that accelerate the use of zero-carbon production technologies, increase access to fossil-free energy and grow demand for clean products.

Concrete Action for Climate (CAC)

We are helping to coordinate global climate action and innovation in the cement and concrete industry. We aim to stimulate demand for low-carbon products, ensure appropriate financing and public policy are in place for the transition, and enlarge the circle of progressive companies committing to net zero targets.

Clean Skies for Tomorrow

The Clean Skies for Tomorrow (CST) Coalition is an initiative of high-ambition companies and organisations working to decarbonise global aviation through sustainable aviation fuels and other next-generation technologies.

Low-Carbon Emitting Technologies

The first CEO-led chemical industry coalition focused on putting the global chemical sector on a path to net zero by midcentury by scaling up low-emissions technologies for chemical production and related value chains.   

Net Zero Steel Initiative

We are an initiative of industry champions working towards net zero emissions in a critical component of our infrastructure and our lives: steel.


Getting to Zero Coalition

We are over 150 members that account for more than a quarter of the shipping industry’s market share by revenue, along with 14 supporting governments. Led by our coalition partners the Global Maritime Forum, the World Economic Forum and the Friends of Ocean Action, we are working together to mobilise the industry’s efforts to deploy commercialised zero-emissions vessels by 2030.

Road Freight Zero

We are a multistakeholder coalition of the willing and able, working to make zero-emissions fleets and infrastructure a reality for heavy-duty trucking by 2030.


Our ambition is to enable radical collaboration between new and existing partners – from energy suppliers to investors, and governments to buyers’ clubs. Please join us in leveraging these unique assets to build a global community of decarbonisation practitioners.