Harnessing demand for low-carbon materials and technologies to accelerate the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors 

We bring together stakeholders from across value chains to agree and act on the necessary steps to bring low-carbon products and services to the market at an accelerated pace. We aim to grow the number of companies making commitments to procure low-carbon materials and technologies and we also work with governments to implement ambitious green public procurement policies.

Our Work


By matching ambitious demand signals with supply, our work cuts across the systems needed to track and trace the embodied carbon in materials and products.​

We are working to scale demand for low-carbon products and shift global markets and policies by: 

  • Generating commitments for net-zero materials and products from the corporate sector
  • Matchmaking and brokering deals between suppliers and customers
  • Creating marketplaces for ambitious companies across value chains
  • Orchestrating broad demand campaigns that promote involvement from across value chains and demonstrating viability and scale for future growth
  • Targeting the creation of national and subnational government policies and standards and green public procurement commitments
  • Working towards alignment on the definitions of low/zero-carbon product labelling and certification