The Mission Possible Partnership announces its first ever CEO, Matt Rogers to scale industry and transport decarbonization

The Mission Possible Partnership (MPP) is today pleased to announce Matt Rogers as its first ever CEO. Formed just over a year ago this appointment comes at a critical moment in time for MPP to further deliver on its mission to decarbonize some of the most carbon intensive industry and transport sectors in the world.

Matt Rogers’ appointment by MPP’s board effective from 1st February follows a rigorous search which included a number of outstanding internal and external candidates. Co-Executive Directors of MPP, Faustine Delasalle, Director of the Energy Transitions Commission, and Anthony Hobley, Executive Fellow at the World Economic Forum, will continue to serve MPP during the coming months to ensure Matt’s successful onboarding and integration to the MPP family at this critical time.

Matt is a highly respected global energy and sustainability leader with more than 30 years’ experience. Much of his career has focused on the role technology and innovation play in restructuring markets. Previously, Matt was a Senior Partner with McKinsey & Company, leading their Electric Power, the Oil and Gas and Sustainability practices over time. He has a proven track record of advising corporate boards as they seek to capture growth opportunities and manage the risks in the energy transition.

During 2009-10, following the global financial crisis, Matt served as the Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Energy, leading the Recovery Act Implementation. In his Department of Energy role, Matt led the Department’s work to review more than 30,000 applications and funding more than 5,000 projects to accelerate US energy innovation in electric vehicles, wind, solar, batteries, biofuels and energy efficiency, reducing costs and emissions across markets. 

Matt graduated from Princeton and holds an M.B.A. from Yale. He teaches energy finance at the UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business. Matt is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and serves on the Board of Directors for the United Way of the Bay Area and St Mary’s College’s School of Economics and Business Administration. In 2014 he published ‘Resource Revolution’ exploring the combination of information and industrial technology to change the way we produce and use natural resources to revolutionize energy markets.

Commenting on the boards appointment of Matt Rogers, MPP’s Chair, Chad Holliday, said: “In this critical decade of delivery we need the next Industrial Revolution to drive transformational change in every sector of the economy. Matt’s experience across the entire value chain of industry, policy, demand and finance will help MPP to mobilize industry further and faster. He will be an excellent partner to leaders of some of the heaviest emitting sectors to create the best conditions for investment in a resilient, zero carbon future for all.”

Matt Rogers commenting on his new role as CEO of MPP, said: “I have admired the work of MPP led by Co-Executive Directors, Faustine Delasalle and Anthony Hobley, and its partners. In a short space of time MPP and its partners have put these hard to abate sectors on the global agenda as part of the solution. Glasgow highlighted how collaboration within and across sectors can accelerate technological innovation, infrastructure development, sound policy formulation, demand aggregation, and capital formation breakthroughs, that will be critical over the next decade to put the global economy on the path to net zero by 2050. I am excited to be part of the MPP family to work with the board and team to unlock action within these critical, hard to abate sectors. Working together in partnership, I am confident we can drive the biggest impact. For me these sectors are all about delivering tangible opportunities.”

Charlotte Pera, Vice President for Strategy and Programs at the Bezos Earth Fund, speaking on behalf of the MPP board, said: “The MPP is focused on the crucial task of accelerating progress across seven carbon-intensive sectors in industry and transport, and the clock is ticking. We are delighted that Matt is joining the MPP as CEO and confident that his leadership and experience will help the Partnership drive durable change in the real economy.”

A warm welcome to Matt Rogers from MPPs four partners:

Energy Transitions Commission:
Jeremy Oppenheim, Senior Partner, Energy Transitions Commission, said: “There is a huge opportunity for MPP to support leading companies across the world in accelerating the transition to net zero value chains in the emission-intensive industrial and transport sectors. The next few years will be critical to show that progress is not only possible but is also attractive and value-creating. ETC is delighted that Matt has accepted the challenge of leading MPP, which in a relatively short time has established itself as a high-impact catalyst for change.”

Jules Kortenhorst, CEO of RMI, said: “Matt has the outstanding background and expertise to lead this essential coalition. He brings public and private experience in energy markets plus a drive for innovation that is necessary in the hardest-to-abate sectors right now.”

We Mean Business Coalition:
Maria Mendiluce, CEO, We Mean Business Coalition, said: “Forward looking businesses and leading nations know that to deliver a net-zero economy, we have to decarbonize those industries and transport sectors which represent 30% of global emissions today. I am excited to be partnering with MPP under Matt’s leadership to drive more tipping points to go all in for 1.5 in these critical sectors. Aligned behind science and with strong climate leadership we can together revolutionise the future of industry and leave no one behind.”

The World Economic Forum:
Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director at the World Economic Forum and Head of the Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, added: “Coming out of the Davos Agenda discussions, CEOs are focused on delivering on their climate commitments. We are excited to work with Matt and the MPP team to grow and unite the ecosystem of public- private engagement needed to keep within 1.5. Matt is the perfect partner to take MPP and its community on the next stage of the decarbonization journey in these critical economic sectors.”

The Mission Possible Partnership  

Launched in 2021, The Mission Possible Partnership is a collective endeavor, founded and driven by the Energy Transitions Commission, RMI, WeMeanBusiness Coalition, and the World Economic Forum. It orchestrates efforts of more than 15 organizations who work with corporate leaders to advance the decarbonization of heavy-emitting industries.

MPP is focused on seven hard to abate sectors -shipping, aviation, trucking, cement, steel, aluminium and chemicals.  These industries are collectively responsible for 30% of GHG emissions globally. 

MPPs access to expertise, scientists, and leading industry experts allows it to be the first high ambition, business backed organisation that is providing cross-sector and sector strategies to decarbonize industries by 2050.  Through radical collaboration across the entire value chain MPP is supercharging industrial decarbonization.